Build With Me

Inspired by the page from Ben Kuhn and Eva Zhang

I work at Argus Labs - a distributed systems and crypto gaming project started with the skunkworks's approach to innovation in mind. We build tomorrow's games (and its infrastructure) on the blockchain and distributed systems tech that exist today. At its core, Argus Labs is a gaming company - not a blockchain nor L1 tech company. We are blockchain ecosystem agnostic. We refuse to be married to a single blockchain ecosystem and architectural paradigm. Whatever blockchain tech we use, we use it as a means to an end: to create the best game possible. We don't care and refuse to engage in L1 debates and narratives, unless you can prove that it helps us create a better game. That said, regardless of what L1 and technologies we build on, we embed ourselves deeply into the ecosystem. We work closely with adjacent stakeholders and strive to give back to the ecosystem. Companies that inspire us: Atari, Nintendo, and Epic Games

I'm building a nimble, scrappy, but highly motivated founding engineering team.

Argus Labs will be an amazing workplace for you if you are a:

If all of this sounds exciting... Send me an email through argus [at] with cool things you've worked on in the past; I will get back to you as soon as possible if there is a fit.

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