Build With Me

I work at Argus Labs -- a crypto gaming company built on top of the skunkworks's principles in mind. We build tomorrow's games through a combination of applied research in blockchain, distributed systems, and cryptography. At its core, Argus Labs is a gaming company -- not a blockchain nor L1 tech company. We are not bound by blockchain ecosystems or architectural paradigms. Whatever technology we use, we use it as a means to an end: to create the best game possible. We don't care and refuse to engage in L1 debates and narratives unless you can prove that it helps us create a better game. That said, regardless of the technologies we build on, we embed ourselves deeply into the ecosystem; we work closely with adjacent stakeholders and strive to give back to the ecosystem. Companies that inspire us: Atari, Nintendo, and Epic Games

We are building a nimble and fast-moving founding core team.

Argus Labs will be an amazing workplace for you if you are a:

Multifaceted Thinker - building game tech and virtual worlds is a creative endeavor. Technology Polyglot - we speak systems programming, web technology, and cryptography. Game Breaker - if you are obsessive enough about games -- modded, invented a new meta, or received a stern email from the game developer -- you are going to have a lot of fun.

Open Roles

All roles are compensated generously in base salary + equity. Benefits + 401k included ofc. Work remotely or from our office in the heart of Downtown Berkeley (+ relocation stipend)

If all of this sounds exciting...

Send an email to core [at] with GitHub/resume/cool things you've worked on in the past.

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