Hi there, I'm Scott.

  • I work on the bleeding-edge of blockchain gaming
    • Currently: Argus Labs → we are hiring
    • Past:
      • Smart contract engineering + protocol R&D at Lattice
      • Helped create Dark Forest - the first fully decentralized incomplete information MMORTS on the Ethereum blockchain powered by zk-SNARKS
  • I invest in crypto/web3 as an angel investor + eGirl Capital
  • Grateful to have learned from the very smart people I've met in my journey
    • Uniswap → Joined as the first Software Engineer Intern. Wrote the smart contract oracle library and governance toolings.
    • Trail of Bits → Joined as an apprentice, promoted to Security Engineer. Did smart contract auditing for DeFi, bridge protocols, etc.
  • Retired competitive parliamentary debater

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Looking to find a job or start building in crypto/web3?

Check out my Working in Web3: The Handbook

Investments I primarily invest in crypto and gaming (+ adjacent verticals) with higher emphasis on experimental crypto games, DeFi, and deeply technical products.

  • 🔐 Veridise* - Blockchain security firm powered by formal methods research
  • ⚡️ Monad - High performance EVM-compatible execution layer
  • 🔎 Dora - Multi-chain blockchain search engine
  • 💸 Polynomial - DeFi derivative and options aggregation protocol
  • 🕹 Pahdo Labs - UGC-centric social gaming startup
  • ... and others

* active advisor

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